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ARES I, Ariel School 19 students, September 2019, Biarritz (9 days)

Data analysis of HST archives and modelization of planetary atmospheres

The students were divided into groups of 2-3, different levels and different countries. Each group received HST observations of a planet to analyse with the public code IRACLIS. Once the spectrum was obtained, they modelled this spectrum with the TauREx code. At the end of the school, each group had successfully extracted the spectrum of a planet with IRACLIS, and modelled it with TauREx. We then decided to group some planets together to distribute the results in 5 papers. It was of course necessary to go into much more detail after this very encouraging work. The activities continued over a year to finalise the scientific papers produced.

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The first ARES school, 2019

ARES I Workshop, on line, November 2020 (1 day)

A workshop has been organized in November 2020 in IAP to review the school results.

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